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Want to how to make aluminum can airplanes, need tutorials for aluminum can airplanes, instructions or templates for aluminum can airplanes? We are the landing spot for you! If its anything related to aluminum can airplanes, or pop can airplanes we have the resources to help make your next build a success! Here at Aluminum Can Airplanes, you’ll see some amazing 21st century soda can airplanes and beverage can models of all types that YOU can make from empty soda cans, beer cans, and pop cans. These are the ones that were featured in Fine Scale Modeler & Star Wars Insider Magazines a well as TV and Film. These are the NEXT generation of aluminum can airplanes, beer can planes and soda can aircraft models!

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If you’re here it means you’re an aluminum can airplanes enthusiast, and while there are plenty of templates to be found on the web, nothing compares to the ones you’ll see on our sister sites. And here’s why. Our plans are award winning and models built from our plans have won multiple IPMS awards. They’ve also been featured in Fine Scale Modeler Magazine and Star Wars Insider. Some have even appeared in critically acclaimed short films, On HBO, and most recently on The United Space of America on Bric TV.

Aluminum can airplane A-10 Thunderbolt

Aluminum can airplane plans backed by easy to follow plans & tutorials

We back our aluminum can airplane plans with helpful tutorial videos that we upload almost every week to YouTube. These videos show you the tips, tricks and techniques you’ll need to easily build like the pros. With over two and a half decades of experience building aluminum can planes, you can rest assured that these are the ones discriminating builders like you want to build. And best of all, we show you just how to do it in 1080 HD Video on YouTube! If you’re looking for aluminum can airplane plans printable pdf, aluminum can airplane plans printable template, or aluminum can airplane printable templates, look no further. We have EVERYTHING you need to get started TODAY!

We show people how to build 21st century aluminum can planes.

Need a question answered or help during the middle of a build? We can help. Simply email us at and we’ll respond right away. Need more help? Send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram if you’re stuck in the middle of a build.

If you’re looking to get started with aluminum can planes, you’ll feel right at home at Aluminum Can Airplane. During your visit you will see some stunning aluminum can planes you can make with our aluminum can airplane templates. While some might brag that their Aluminum can airplane plans are pretty cool, we believe that ours are the TOP GUN!

aluminum can airplane Fokker Dr1

“The best part of what we do is getting to teach other aluminum can plane enthusiasts and crafters how to make the best aluminum can airplanes. Secondly, we love helping them create and build to the best of their abilities, and especially sharing the satisfaction of a completed project. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a photo of their finished aluminum can plane and sharing in that joy of their new creation.”

Aluminum Can Airplane

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Above all, While our online presence is important, our main focus is teaching others to make the best aluminum can airplanes. Secondly, We spend hours making tutorial videos then sharing them on YouTube to help folks like you succeed!


Our aluminum can planes have won FIVE IPMS awards against some of the toughest competition on the planet. In addition, Our aluminum can planes have appeared on the big screen as well as in TV and web series. In conclusion, We’ve made appearances in Fine Scale Modeler & Star Wars Insider magazines.


Need help building with our aluminum can plane instructions? Need a custom project or build done? Looking for a specific aluminum can plane plan that nobody else has? Reach out to us via, email, or social media and we’ll respond ASAP!

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